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There are the things you absolutely MUST KNOW, BEFORE you begin the process, in a book that you can easily read IN JUST A FEW HOURS!

Think about it...  Save yourself THOUSANDS with the investment of just a few hours!
This book is making the home buying process easier and more enjoyable for EVERYONE! 
Credit Ready In 5 Simple Steps addresses all of the basic questions and issues people always have about their credit, particularly as they prepare for home financing...

Things like:
 "How can I find out what my credit score is?"
"Whaddya mean my Credit Karma® score doesn't matter?"
☑ "Should I pay off these collections?"
"What if I don't have any credit?"
"Where should I keep my credit card balances?" 

At a minimum, this book will give you the tips, tools, and techniques you need to guarantee yourself the best rates and terms, and help you save tens (if not HUNDREDS) of thousands of dollars, laid out for you in 5 simple steps!! 

And Credit Ready isn't just for people with BAD credit, either...
This book contains strategies for:
✅ BUILDING credit if you don't have any
Turning GOOD credit into GREAT credit
Fine-tuning GREAT credit to absolutely MAXIMIZE your borrowing power

➕ You'll learn how making just a few simple adjustments in how you manage your existing credit can drastically improve your scores, and turn your credit into a powerful borrowing tool...
meet the man behind the book
Doc Compton
Referred to as "THE consumer credit expert", and widely recognized as one of the nation's foremost authorities on consumer credit, Doc Compton has spent over TWO DECADES helping people with their credit, and teaching professionals how to do it, too.

This book not only does that, but it helps keep you at the forefront of consumers' minds, so that, when they're ready to buy, they think of you first!
What do EXPERTS say about Doc Compton, and about 
Credit Ready In 5 Simple Steps"?
What People Are Saying About
"Doc Compton is a consumer credit bad-ass... Do yourself a favor, and pay attention to what he says!"
Lars Lofstrand -Owner, Halo Realty Group
"I read about two chapters, and had it sitting on my desk at work. I had a buyer come in, and start asking about the book, so I gave it to them. They are first time homeowners, so this was PERFECT for them! I'll definitely be ordering more."
Elizabeth Chick - sales manager, First Texas Homes

Did I mention you can get a copy of this INCREDIBLE book for FREE?

"One of the best tips I can offer anyone thinking of making a home purchase is to start preparing early! This book shows you exactly how you can do just that!"

Alisa Glutz - award-winning loan officer, and author of 'Color My Credit'
alisa glutz

"There's no shortage of self-proclaimed consumer credit experts out there, but few if any of them have the experience and technical knowledge that Doc Compton does. He is truly a ROCK STAR in my book!"

Pat Hiban - best selling author of 'Six Steps To Seven Figures'

"Nobody comes close to understanding credit-readiness like Doc... This book is an absolute must read that should be given to everyone at birth!"

Tim Davis - author of 'Personal Brand Mastery'

"This is an exceptionally important book, which should be read and re-read by anyone who wants to understand how their credit works. Doc is a true EXPERT who genuinely wants to help!"

Lolita Sheriow - real estate investor and best-selling author
What's inside the book •
Sneak peeks •
The information in this book is the absolute *MUST KNOW* stuff that every lender in the country wishes consumers already knew by the time they meet them, but seldom do...
For example, things like:
  • How and where to get your credit reports, and why the ones you get as a consumer are drastically differentfrom the ones lenders pull... 
  • How and where to establish credit if you don't have any, and why having credit is critical to getting credit...  
  • How to managethe accounts you alreadyhavein such a way as to get the absolute most out of having them on your credit report!!! 
Page 12. Learn what things you must have to get your credit reports from the "Big 3".
Page 45. The NUMBER 1 WAY to prevent reported errors from killing your scores.
Page 21. Learn the major flaw in the credit bureaus' systems, and how to beat it.
Page 51. My very best TOP SECRET TIP to boost your credit scores FOR FREE!!!
The way I see it, you'd pretty much have to be crazy not  to take me up on this offer. Get Credit Ready In 5 Simple Steps, for FREE! 
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